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Scott Raubenstine Wellness Chapter 1 January 20, 2009 After reading chapter one in Fit & Well, I have learned some very valuable things that will help me understand the course better, as well as being healthy and fit. The first thing that I learned in chapter one was the Dimensions of Wellness. There are six dimensions of wellness. They consist of: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Interpersonal, Spiritual, and Environmental. Each of these is interrelated, affect each other, and key to achieve wellness. The next part of the chapter reviewed diseases and cause of death among the United States. Heart disease was the highest killing over 650,000 people. The book said that many of these problems resulted from people making bad lifestyle choices. These lifestyle choices can range from smoking to exercising. The chapter goes on to talk about how to become well and healthy too. They give tips on achieving goals, being healthy, and dieting. Being mentally fit is also a big part in staying healthy.
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Unformatted text preview: Using harmful substances like drugs or alcohol can seriously harm the body if being used too much or too regularly. The chapter also covered target behaviors. Target behaviors are choosing a behavior you want to change and then following through in doing so. They can be very helpful in achieving goals. Another thing the chapter covered was how to prepare yourself for change. There are six stages for change. They are precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, and termination. After the stages of change came the section on stress and how to deal with it. Stress is a big part of everyday life and needs to be dealt with correctly or some serious issues could occur. Exercise is a good way to reduce stress because it gets your mind off things. It is also good because it keeps you in shape too. Lastly the book covered how to be fit for life. The book gave some good pointers like staying with it and always making new goals as a good strategy in keeping fit for life....
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