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Scott Raubenstine Wellness Chapter 4 Chapter four by far, has been my favorite chapter to read so far. It caught my attention the most and kept me interested the whole way through. The main cause of this is because it’s all about gaining and defining muscle, which I am very interested in. The main reason I liked this chapter is because it was about lifting and working out. I do this throughout the week here at college. I do it to improve my sport performances, to help prevent injury, improve my body composition, make my physique better, and to help my health when I become older. My training program consists of mainly dynamic exercise because it is good for increasing strength. When I workout I usually use free weights or weight machines. Mondays I work chest and triceps by doing bench press, nose breakers, close grip bench, and other various lifts. Tuesday I like to work out my biceps and back muscles. The activities I do here usually are curls, lat pull down, seated rows, and others. Thursday I like to devote the
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