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wellness 5 - wellness When I did the sit and reach test I...

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Scott Raubenstine Wellness Chapter 5 Chapter five is all about flexibility. The chapter starts out by defining the two types of flexibility. They are static and dynamic. Static flexibility is being able to hold an extended position at one end or point in a joint’s range of motion. Dynamic flexibility is the ability to move a joint through its range of motion with little resistance. Next the chapter goes over how flexibility is determined. It is determined three ways; joint structure, muscle elasticity and length, and nervous system regulation. Being flexible is very beneficial. It keeps your joints staying healthy and strong. Flexibility can also help reduce lower back pain and injuries. Other benefits include: relief of pains, relief of muscle cramps, better body strength and position, good posture, and relaxation. Before doing my flexibility lab, I knew that flexibility was probably the weakest point in my
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Unformatted text preview: wellness. When I did the sit and reach test, I had gotten 27 cm. The rating was fair, and I was pleased because I thought for sure I would have gotten the needs improvement category. I also decided to do part II of the lab to see how well I could do. In every category besides the shoulder abduction and adduction, I scored average. In the shoulder abduction and adduction I scored above average. The next lab that I did was the assessing muscular endurance for low-back health. I got over 100 seconds for both sides on the side bridge. This was above the mean. For the trunk flexors and back extensors I got above the mean as well. I probably did so well in this lab because I normally do core exercises during my daily workout routines....
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