SWMS 210 FINAL - SWMS 210gm Michael Messner Final Exam...

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SWMS 210gm Final Exam Study Questions Michael Messner Fall, 2010 The final examination will be held on Friday, December 10, 2:00-4:00 p.m . Arrive to class a few minutes early with a blank blue book and a pen. The final will be worth 120 points (30% of your total course grade). This will be a two-part exam. In Part I, you will write one essay question, which will be drawn from the essay questions below. The essay will be worth 80 points. In Part II, you will define eight concepts, and give an example of the concept from the assigned readings or lectures. The eight concepts will each count for 5 points, for a total of 40 points possible. In Parts I and II of the exam, you will have some choices as to which question(s) you will answer. I. ESSAY QUESTIONS 1. Social scientists and other scholars try to understand issues like gender inequality and poverty so that they can contribute to public awareness that might lead to solutions to those problems. Some people have suggested that, in considering how to deal with problems related to social inequality, we might draw a distinction between actions that we take “upstream” versus “downstream.” Drawing from appropriate
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SWMS 210 FINAL - SWMS 210gm Michael Messner Final Exam...

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