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SWMS 210 – Final Essays: Essay #1: Intro: 1. Parable: women in the river, baby comes floating down, they go get it but when more come one woman decides to walk upstream to find out why. 2. Upstream: preventing the problems from their root causes, done at a higher level. Ex. change laws, creating awareness, like providing jobs so people do not go homeless. 3. Downstream: deals with the effects after the problem starts, it alleviates the symptoms without truly fixing it. Saving someone from circumstance. Ex. support groups, and therapy, food for homeless. A. Issues 1. Workplace gender inequality: a. Pay gaps are still apparent. Today a woman earns 77 cents to the dollar that men earn with equal education and qualifications for the same job. b. Vertical sex segregation has kept women out of high-raking elite jobs like president and CEO positions, because these are based on the ideology of male supremacy. This is being broken down by feminism, viewing women as competent and men are not “naturally” better leaders or smarter. c. Gender essentialism is prominent in horizontal sex segregation. Women and men are still considered “suited” for different jobs that are highly gendered like pre-K teachers and construction workers. d. Upstream: provide equal pay for women and men, then we can see women as just as valuable if we are physically paying them the same e. Downstream: help women preparing to enter certain fields that are male- dominated, like engineering 2. Family gender inequality: a. Unequal division of labor: women do the vast majority of household work and taking care of the children, men do not b. Working moms still have this responsibility to be a good, nurturing mother, this is their “second shift” at home c. It is expected for women to do this work, there is a culture of intensive mothering, and if they don’t so it they are seen as neglectful. Concerted cultivation of their kids to be involved in many activities to be successful, women’s job. d. When men do help with caretaking, they are praised disproportionately more compared to the everyday work women do, represents an unequal expectation placed on men and women and family work. e. Domestic violence in homes between partners shows how men see themselves as superior and release their anger on women f. Upstream: g. Downstream: 3. Community volunteer work gender inequality:
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a. Men are coaches and women are team moms, less women in general to take on “masculine” volunteer positions to break down barriers. Men’s coaching positions are prestigious and get a lot of credit for what they do – public recognition, corresponds to their team winning. Team moms have invisible labor, that doesn’t get credit for all of their work. b.
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Final Essays - SWMS 210 Final Essays Essay#1 Intro 1...

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