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Advanced Organic Chemistry: Synthesis Name:___ Nancy Jackson _______ CHEM 311/511 Second Mid-term Exam Tuesday November 24, 2009 Review each question carefully before answering and be certain you understand everything the question is requesting. Do the easy questions first. If questions appear confusing or exceedingly complex, then you may need to rethink the question. Keep in mind the intended examination topics. In organic chemistry, hand-drawn pictures convey specific information. Be sure the drawing you have made conveys the essential information required to answer the question. Make certain that three-dimensional pictures display the correct atom arrangements. Maximum credit will be given for answers that correctly address stereochemical considerations in a particular reaction. Don't forget to include formal charges when appropriate. You may use models to assist in determining answers. You should use scrap paper to work out problems before entering your final answer on the exam sheets. In addition, feel free to use the back side of the exam sheets for scrap. If necessary, you may enter exam answers on the back side of the exam sheets, however you must clearly indicate which problems are located on the back of the exam pages.
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2 1. Box questions. Provide the necessary information, products or reagents, to complete the following reactions. Undergraduates complete eight of the twelve boxes and graduate students complete ten of twelve. (34 pts.)
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ex2Fa09ans - Advanced Organic Chemistry Synthesis CHEM...

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