alkenes-overview - intermediate) Markov. regiochem....

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X Br X Br H OH H OH H H HX HBr (peroxides) X 2 NBS, H 2 O DMSO H + , H 2 O 1. Hg(OAc) 2 , H 2 O 2. NaBH 4 1. BH 3 , THF 2. H 2 O 2 , OH - H 2 , Pt 1. OsO 4 2. NaHSO 3 , H 2 O KMnO 4 , OH - /H 2 O CHCl 3 , KOH CH 2 I 2 ; Zn(Cu) ether H X H HO OH H HO OH HO OH C Cl Cl H 2 C Markov. regiochemistry (carbocation intermediate) anti-Markov. regioch. (radical intermediate) anti addition (bromonium ion intermediate) Markov. regiochem. anti addition (bromonium ion
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Unformatted text preview: intermediate) Markov. regiochem. (carbocation intermediate) Markov. regioch. trans addition (mercurinium ion intermediate) anti-Markov. regiochem. syn addition syn addition syn addition (osmate intermediate) syn addition (carbene intermediate) (carbene intermediate)...
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