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Chemistry 1R03 Tutorial #2 - Questions 1. Explain why cooking a steak is an example of a chemical reaction. 2. For each of the following, write out a balanced chemical equation. a. sodium reacts with oxygen to yield sodium oxide b. propane (C 3 H 8 ) reacts with oxygen to yield carbon dioxide and water c. lithium chloride reacts with silver nitrate to yield silver chloride and lithium nitrate d. ammonium sulphate reacts with barium chloride to yield barium sulphate and ammonium chloride e. copper metal mixed with silver nitrate results in silver metal and copper nitrate f. iron with oxygen yields iron (II) oxide 3. Predict the products of the following chemical reactions.
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Unformatted text preview: If no reaction occurs, write N.R. a. Lead nitrate + potassium chloride b. Aluminum sulphate and sodium hydroxide c. Ammonium phosphate + lithium sulphate d. Barium sulphide + copper (II) sulphate e. Stannic chloride + sodium carbonate 4. How many lithium atoms are there in 4.12g of lithium? 5. What is the weight of 4.22 moles of helium? 6. What is the weight of 2.12 x 10 26 silicon atoms? 7. 1.2 g of aluminum is contained in a box. How many aluminum atoms are there? 8. The average box of Smarties ™ contains 125 little chocolate gems. How many moles of Smarties is this?...
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