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CHAPTER 9 – PHOTOSYNTHESIS: CAPTURING ENERGY Photosynthesis o The sequence of events by which light energy is converted into the stored chemical energy of organic molecules LIGHT Wavelength o The distance from one wave peak to the next Photons o Small particles, or packets, of energy Ground state o The condition in which all electrons are in their normal, lowest-energy levels Fluorescence o Emission of light of a longer wavelength than the absorbed light CHLOROPLASTS Chloroplasts o Organelles that contain chlorophyll Mesophyll o Cells that contain chloroplasts o Layer with many air spaces and a very high concentration of water vapor Stomata o Microscopic pores where gas exchange occurs Stroma o Fluid-filled region enclosed by the inner membrane of the chloroplast o Contains most of the enzymes required to produce carbohydrate molecules Thylakoids o Interconnected set of flat, disclike sacs Thylakoid lumen o Fluid-filled interior space enclosed by the thylakoid membrane Grana o Stacks of thylakoid sacs Chlorophyll is found in the thylakoid membrane Chlorophyll o Main pigment of photosynthesis o Absorbs light primarily in the blue and red regions of the visible spectrum Chlorophyll a o The pigment that initiates the light-dependent reactions of photosynthesis Chlorophyll b o An accessory pigment that also participates in photosynthesis Carotenoids
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o Absorb different wavelengths of light than chlorophyll, expanding the spectrum of light that provides energy for photosynthesis Chlorophyll is the main photosynthetic pigment Absorption spectrum o A plot of a pigments absorption of light of different wavelengths
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