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img018 - SPINAL NERVES C D 31 pairs arrising from the...

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Unformatted text preview: SPINAL NERVES C] D 31 pairs arrising from the segments of the cord (8C, 12T, 5L, SS, ICG) I] D Exit the cord via intervertebral foramen D D Cervical nerves exit above same number vertebrae except C8 D D All others exit below the same number vertebrae SPINAL NERVE CONIPONENTS C E Dorsal Nerve Root (Sensory) D D Ventral Nerve Root (Motor) " C Dorsal Root Ganglion E Spinal Nerve Li L Intervertebral Foramen ‘l L— Dorsal Primary Remus F: F Ventral Primary Ramus 7 fl Communicating Rami * 1"“! Gray Ramus Communicans E U White Remus Communicans L Li N erve Plexus SPINAL NERVE PLEXES i 3 fl Cervical Plexus — formed by Cl to C5 U H Serves the neck region on one side Li C: Brachial Plexus — formed from C5 to Tl “a 1 36:52:23 the upper extremity of one side Lumbar Plaras— formedfl from Ll £014 ' SC: USS mi: anterior ”317*. Cf extremity, GTE C 223:: :- L Sacra! Hams = formed frog; L4 ii} ‘53 or 34 “W genes: the: post??? nip Erma-r extremity l :zei: BERfiAIC-EE E; _ '— iire-as of skin surfaee SC TV ed b} a sit g’e 7‘5;ij spinalm 17;- i7 F‘ Makes body 3-:ku l1": fishes“- ...
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