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img075 - BODY TISSUES Page 6 of 8 Pg well organized Adipose...

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Unformatted text preview: BODY TISSUES Page 6 of 8 Pg well organized Adipose Tissue :maee Mn Has adipose cells Acts like a cushion A fat pad Lots of space in and between cells Reticular Connective Tissue OEFENSL? Has many openings, gaps, and traps Fight disease E Found in the li_V§_r, the spleen Dense Regular Connective Tissue “ Parallel fibers Laid out in sheets or bands Has Collagen Found in tendons, ligaments ‘7 l | MAU‘X Dense Irregular Connective Tissue Thick, M well organized L. Fibers and collagen run in many directions E Found in the dermis of the skin (bum stcin wt bonflSlfit'C . baa/1141) Dense Elastic Connective Tissue E Thick, parallel fibers E Fibers are elastic E Allows for expansion I: Found in the w and other bWssels, vgglcords ,W" CARTILAGE [I Cartilage cells (Chondrocytes) are imbedded in a semisolid mass (ground substance, collagen) - single cell or a group C Can still bend _ They protect, bind, and support E Frequently associated with bone (one type precedes bone development) Types of cartilagefl Hyaline, Fibrocartilage,E] and Elastic HYALINE CARTILAGE Most abundant cartilage in the body Precedes bone development/formation 3 Usually white, glassy appearance a Very tough, but still DgivesE slightly https://eleaming.courses.ufl.edu/webct/ContentPageServerServlet/TISSUES2.htm?pageID=... 9/1/2007 ...
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