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CHAPTER 10 – MEIOSIS MEIOSIS (pages 223-233) SEXUAL REPRODUCTION AND MEIOSIS Two types of basic reproduction o Asexual reproduction A single parent splits, buds, or fragments to produce two or more individuals All the cells result of mitotic divisions Their genes and inherited traits are like those of the parent o Group of genetically identical organisms ( clones ) Occurs rapidly and efficiently o Sexual reproduction Involves the union of two sex cells ( gametes ) to from a single cell ( zygote ) Egg and sperm are gametes, fertilized egg is zygote Offspring are not genetically identical to their parents or to each other Some offspring may be able to survive better than parents Some offspring may not be able to survive as well as parents Chromosomes Each chromosome in a somatic cell has a partner chromosome o Together called homologous chromosomes o Similar in size, shape, and the position of their centromeres o Carry information about the same genetic traits,
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