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Lab 1 Report

Lab 1 Report - 1 Objective(s In this lab the students...

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1 Objective(s): In this lab, the student’s objective is: To gain some experience using Logic Works. To learn how to build and debug different circuits. Expected Outcome(s): The expected outcome is: To be able to explain the truth tables that allows two single bit numbers to be added. To be familiar with the half adder as to be able to write Boolean algebraic expressions for the sum and carry functions. To create the circuits: o Half-Adder Operation o 4-bit Increment Operation o 2’s Complement Operation Build and debug the circuits above.
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A B SUM CRY A' A'B B' AB' 2 Results: Task 1.1 Build and Test 1-Bit Half Adder Task Statement: The task was to build and test a half adder circuit built on Logic Works. Figure 1.1 Figure 1.1 is a half adder circuit. The inputs are A and B. The sum output is SUM and the carry output is CRY. In the lab manual, there is a given truth table. A B Sum Cry 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 After testing the circuit, we can see that the truth table is correct. From the half adder, we can determine the Boolean algebra for the SUM and CRY outputs. The SUM output is each input, A and B, complemented to give, A’ and B’. They are then AND’d (multiplied) with their counterparts to give; A’B and AB’. To get the SUM, the two are OR’d (added) to give, A’B+AB’. The CRY is simply the two inputs AND’d together. This gives, AB. Therefore; SUM= A’B+AB’ and CRY = AB.
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Lab 1 Report - 1 Objective(s In this lab the students...

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