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IRWIN 9e 13_48 - Irwin. Basic Engineering Circuit Ana|ysis,...

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Unformatted text preview: Irwin. Basic Engineering Circuit Ana|ysis, 9/E 1 1348 In the circuit in Fig. P1343. the switch rum-cs t'i'mn partition l m pmitiun 2 at r = t]. Use Laplace trans— forms to find mix} for: E]. Figure P1343 SOLUTION: )QV Chapter 13: The Laplace Transform Problem 13.48 2 lnNin. Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis, 9/E vct) + Ioou dch f Wt) :0 6K (if 6K 0'6 [5%) ~63 + v(s)+ V($) :0 O-esv{s) —- 3~6 + 2W3) :0 W5) 2 3-6 063+; “(U V) t 70 Problem 13.48 Chapter 13: The Laplace Transform ...
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