A class system with no social mobility

A class system with no social mobility - 1 A class system...

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1 A class system with no social mobility. 2 Movement among social classes based on merit and individual effort. 3 Upward or downward mobility based on occupational status. 4 The changing from one occupation to another at the same general status level. 5 The movement of individuals or groups within social classes. 6 The trend involving an increase in the number of women and children living in poverty. 7 The recognition, respect, and admiration attached to social positions. 8 The amount of money received by an individual or group. 9 The economic resources possess by an individual or group. 10 The name given to those who are ruled; the worker class. 11 The name given to rulers; or those who own the means of production. 12 The measure that compares the economic conditions of those at the bottom of society with the economic conditions of others. 13 The creation of layers, or strata, of people who possess unequal shares of scarce resources. 14 The absence of enough money to secure life's necessities. 15 A segment of the population whose members hold similar amounts of resources and share values, norms, and an identifiable lifestyle. 16 The mobility that occurs from one generation to the next. 1 social stratification 2 feminization of poverty 3 social class 4 social mobility 5 bourgeoisie 6 vertical mobility 7 proletariat 8 intergeneration al mobility 9 wealth 10 horizontal mobility 11 income 12 open-class system 13 prestige 14 absolute poverty 15 relative poverty 16 caste system Developing Ideas. Match each description with the most appropriate category. 17 A worker on an automotive assembly line 18 A family composed of an accountant, a grade school teacher, and two small children 19 A divorced mother of two who works as a server at a fast food restaurant and has no other source of income except her paycheck
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A class system with no social mobility - 1 A class system...

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