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ch_1-3_short_study_guide - o Narmer I of Egypt how was the...

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AP World History o Characteristics of civilization o When & why did the rise of farming arise? What is the Neolithic Revolution? Why is it called that? Dates? o River valley systems – importance of rivers, irrigation – names of river valley civilizations, structure of those societies, religions, reasons for decline o Pastoralism? Matrilineal (matrilineal ≠ matriarchal), specialization, metal ages, specialization, domestication of animals o Hunters & Gatherers - why did their lifestyles remain precarious? Why did they choose to remain H&G? C/C H&G lifestyle w/ that of “civilized” lifestyle. o Indo-Europeans o Social status of women o Location/importance of Jericho, Çatal Hüyük, o Mesopotamia – other names, location, importance o Sumerians – importance, description (one of first civilizations to emerge), principle of political organization? o Sargon I of Akkad o Babylonians – first group to politically unify all of Mesopotamia
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o Hammurabi’s Law Code o Epic of Gilgamesh
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Unformatted text preview: o Narmer I of Egypt; how was the Eyptian pharaoh typically regarded in Egyptian civilization? How did Egyptians regard death? When was the Egyptian civilization at its height? When did it go into decline? o Phoenicians o Mandate of Heaven o The Tao o Confucius, Mencius, Confucianism o LaoTzu, Taoism o Legalism o Qin Shihuangdi o Liu Bang o Han Wudi o The shi o Samsara, Yoga, Dharma, Moksha, Brahman, Atman, Reincarnation, Karma o Nirvana, Four Noble Truths, Noble 8-Fold Path (Middle Way) o Buddhism – what was it like in India? Why didn’t it last in India? How did it get to China? How do the Chinese adapt it and make it “Chinese”? o Aryans o Aryan religion – who were their gods? o Vedas o Caste System – Know the Sanskrit & English names of the varnas. Who were the untouchables, and how was this caste originally assigned? o The Brahmins o Indian dynasties – Mauryans, Guptas; Indian rulers: Chandragupta Maurya, Ashoka...
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ch_1-3_short_study_guide - o Narmer I of Egypt how was the...

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