chapter 10 - Jewish monotheism A society is almost...

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Jewish monotheism emphasized the power and abstraction of God A society is almost certainly a civilization if it has some political structure the development of writing whelps explain why government could become more formal and bureaucratic Sumerian civilization produced the first written law code the development of agriculture caused important changes in all of the following EXCEPT the tendency to believe in many gods the Neolithic revolution occurred first in the Middle East Egypt differed from Mesopotamian civilization by displaying well-organized, durable empires once developed, metal tools were preferred over stone tools for all of the following reasons EXCEPT they were easier for ordinary people to make at home which river-valley civilization was all but completely destroyed by invasion indus the tenth century BCE refers to 999-900 years before the birth of the Christ why did the original inhabitants of Australia not develop agriculture the first Australians were too isolated to learn of developments elsewhere until recently the Paleolithic Age refers to the period in which simple stone tools were developed a characteristic of the human species before the advent of civilization was the ability to spread to various geographic settings and climate zones hunting and gathering societies organize rather small groups into political units a "dynasty" in Chinese history was a family that passed the imperial title from generation to generation one of China's key economic strengths was high levels of technological innovation Daoists would disagree with Confucianists on all of the following EXCEPT the importance of political activitiy the Qin dynasty differed from the Zhou in that it was more centralized Chinese art featured careful craftsmanship and detail work Ceremony became an important part of upper- class Chinese life because the Chinese believe that people should restrain crude impulses Which of the following was a Confucian belief a good society has a firm patrilineal hierarchy one difference between classical civilizations and river-valley civilizations was that in classical civilizations political organizations were more elaborate the "son of heaven" concept was designed to promote all of the following EXCEPT priest's total control of the state the Chinese government accepted Daoism for all of the following reasons EXCEPT Daoists believed that nobles were holier than peasants one difference between classical China and the religious sacrifices were suppressed.
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earlier Hwang Ho river-valley civilization was that in classical China all of the following constituted a function of government in Han China EXCEPT schools for peasant girls Compared to a Chinese nobleman, a peasant in classical China differed in all of the following EXCEPT likelihood of literacy which of the following were lowest in official Chinese social hierarchy(aside from the "mean people") merchants Chinese views or nature emphasized harmony and balance if the Greek genius was politics, the Roman
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chapter 10 - Jewish monotheism A society is almost...

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