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Unformatted text preview: Foundations Unit (Ch 1-5) Exam Study Guide The unit exam will be given in two parts. Part I, a 55-question multiple choice exam will be given on Thursday, October 2. Part II, a Compare/Contrast Essay, will be given on Friday, October 3. The multiple choice portion of the exam contains 55 questions, each of which have 5 choices. Some of these questions deal with factual knowledge,; others deal with conceptual (inference- based, content-based) knowledge. There are about twenty questions pertaining to Ch. 1-3 and the accompanying supplemental & class notes, posted on Edline. The rest of the test deals with Ch. 4-5 and the supplemental & class notes posted on Edline. As a result of the shortened schedule on Friday, October 3, due to the pep rally, the essay is rescheduled for Monday, October 6. Please come in to class and right away, get your essay, and start writing. You will be asked to compare and contrast the decline of the Roman Empire and the Han dynasty. You will not be given a rubric. You will be provided with paper on which to write the essay. You may write the essay in either pencil or black or blue pen, but please write neatly if I dont know what you are saying, I cannot give you credit. Remember that you were required to read all of the Supplemental Notes & Class Notes posted on Edline, in addition to chapters 1-5 in your textbook. Focus points for Part I: Early spread of humanity Organization of early human social groups Locations, major achievements of early river valley civilizations and what led to their decline Organization of early human civilizations 5 characteristics of civilizations relationship between agriculture & civilization the Mandate of Heaven how did originate, and with whom Confucianism how and why did it emerge o Note that despite the exam system that emerged, social mobility was as rare in China (why was it rare?) as in India why? (rigid social hierarchies; explain what they were, how they emerged, why they existed, and who benefited) Political organization in China vs. political organization in India o How geography affected it o How Confucianism contributed to the power of the shi class and their involvement in government; how the shi (i.e., bureaucracy) contributed to the centralization of China o Role of the Brahmins How are Confucianism and Hinduism similar? (rigid social hierarchies to maintain order, with very little opportunity for advancement in either society) C/C the Mauryan vs. the Gupta Dynasties o What led to the downfall of each? Hinduism: reincarnation, karma, kama, artha, dharma, moksha, samsara, Brahman, Brahma, Brahmin Hinduism: how did emerge, and why? What did Hinduism offer to Indian society in the absence of political centralization? Why was there an absence of political centralization?...
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Foundations_Unit_Study_Guide - Foundations Unit (Ch 1-5)...

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