In order to control a country or a region[1]

In order to control a country or a region[1] - with keeping...

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In order to control a country or a region, many methods are being enforced. This is true in modern world, and is also true in the classical periods. There are many similarities and differences in methods of political control between the Han dynasty,Chin, and the Mauryan India. Both countries were unified by religion, and both believe in the ideal of social status.(Confucsious V. Caste system.).But while India seeks an outer world and trade with forign countries, China was more concern
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Unformatted text preview: with keeping other ideals out by isolating itself. India and Han, China are both unified under a common blief system,and both countries does blieve in a social status system. Hinduism, is the popular belief in India. Hinduism focuses on fulfilling young dharma, then eventually become Moksha, leaves the cycle of birth and rebirth and become one with the universe....
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