ROman test - 40) Which of the following is most correctly...

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40) Which of the following is most correctly seen as a direct descendant of the Roman Empire? A) Byzantine Empire B) Holy Roman Empire C) Ottoman Empire D) Frankish Empire E) Abbasid Empire 41) The Byzantine Empire lasted from A) 200 to 1200. B) 700 to 1650. C) 300 B.C.E. to 600 C.E. D) 500 to 1450. E) 300 to 1700. 42) What was the most important "stepchild" of the Byzantine civilization? A) Italy B) the Middle East C) Poland D) Greece E) Russia 43) The capital of the Byzantine Empire and its commercial center was located at A) Constantinople. B) Athens C) Nicaea. D) Baghdad. E) Rome. 44) The emperor responsible for the initial construction of Constantinople was A) Justinian. B) Constantine. C) Diocletian. D) Heraklius. E) Procopius 45) What was the great church built in Constantinople by Justinian ? A) The Cathedral of St. Dimitri B) St. Peter's C) St. Basil D) Sts. Cyril and Methodius E) Hagia Sophia 46) Starting with the reign of Justinian, what was the official language of the eastern empire? A) Latin B)Arabic C)Persian D)Aramaic E)Greek 47) The name normally given to the form of Christianity that emerged in the Byzantine Empire was A) Roman Catholicism. B) Solafideanism. C) Nestorianism. D) Coptic Christianity. E) Orthodox Christianity. 48) All of the following were outcomes of Justinian's wars of reconquest EXCEPT A) military successes in North Africa and Italy. B) weakening of the empire's defenses on its eastern frontiers. C) establishment of a key artistic center at Ravenna. D) the permanent addition of Rome to the Byzantine Empire. E) increased tax pressures on the government. 49) Which of the following was a result of the conflict between the Byzantine Empire and the Arab Muslims? A) The Arabs lost their position as the leaders of the Islamic world. B) The Arab threat to the Byzantine Empire was permanently removed. C) The Byzantine Empire was able to recover the provinces of Syria and Egypt, thus regaining valuable agricultural land and increased wealth. D) The commercial significance of Constantinople was destroyed by the eighth century, forcing the Byzantine Empire to depend increasingly on trade with the West. E) The position of small farmers in the Empire was weakened as a result of heavy taxation, resulting in greater aristocratic estates.
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50) Byzantine cultural life centered on the secular traditions of A) Confucianism. B) Islam . C) Ancient Egypt. D) Hellenism. E) Norse Legends. 51) In which of the following ways were the Byzantine bureaucracy and the Chinese bureaucracy similar? A) They were driven by the authority of the church. B) Emperors played little role in either government. C) There was no linkage of the bureaucracies to local administration. D) Both bureaucracies were open to talented commoners, not just aristocrats.
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ROman test - 40) Which of the following is most correctly...

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