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scan0004 - [— I Test#2 Yellow CH223 Canelas Summer 2010...

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Unformatted text preview: [— I Test #2 Yellow CH223 Canelas Summer, 2010 Name: print last 6‘. Which one of the following is B-D-ribofuranose? CHO H OH H OH D-l‘ibOSC H OH CHZOH HOCH2 H H H 1) H OH ’ HO OH HOCH2 OH 2) H/ O\H H H HO OH A) structurel ® structure 2 structure 3 V953 ‘ structure 4 [TI none of the above print first 7. The acetoacetic ester synthesis, shown below, can be used to prepare 5—methyi—2— hexanone. Which one of the following alkyi bromides would be used in the synthesis? 0 o M (l)NaOEt (1)NaOH,H20 heat > , > GE (2)3]ky1bromidc ? (2) H3O+ B CH3)ZCHBr A) (CH3)ZCHCH20HzBr ) ( C) CH3CH2CHQCHBTCH3 ~ (D) (CH3)2CHCH2_Br E) CchHgCHBrCH3 > 5—methyl—2—hexanone ...
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