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scan0008 - Test#2 CH223 Canelas Name Yellow Summer 2010...

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Unformatted text preview: Test #2 CH223 Canelas Name: Yellow Summer, 2010 print last print first 16. Identify the monomer(s) used to make the following polymer. 0 H N\/\/\/\ Nylon N H O x f.) (R E? 1) HOC(CH2)4COH and NH2(CH2)6NH2 2) H2N(CH2)5COH 9 f? ‘3 3) H2NC(CH4)CNH2 and HO(CH2)6OH 4) NH2C(CH2)5OH ® monomers 1 B) monomer 2 C) monomers 3 D) monomer 4 E) none of the above ...
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