Alexander I of Russia

Alexander I of - The Decembrist Legacy Poem by Alexander Odoevsky written to express solidarity This also provided a way for women to be a part of

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The Decembrist Legacy- Poem by Alexander Odoevsky written to express solidarity. This also provided a way for women to be a part of revolutionary movements as the Decembrists wives accompanied them in exile to Siberia showing they supported the cause. Gogol (1809-52) was a petty noble from Ukraine. He was known as the government inspector. He wrote on the social world of Petersburg and described the officials. He was a powerful voice aspiring for change. Pp 286. “You may think I’m just a copy clerk. .” During the start of Nicholas I reign, there is a great increase in the size of bureaucracy as compared to the population. (from 16,000 in 1796 to 90,000+32,000 copy clerks in 1857). Nicholas was known for his pettiness and tyranny. In 1826, his government forms a third section of the Tsar’s chancellery, which is essentially a secret police. There is growth in censorship and restrictions on travelling outside of Russia. One historian has called this under government and over administration. It was a much more conservative approach
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