Diplomacyundernicholas - Diplomacy, Imperial, and...

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Unformatted text preview: Diplomacy, Imperial, and Nationalism under Nicholas I (1825-55)- War with Persia involving Armenia- Treaty of Turkmanchai (1828)- War with Ottoman empire giving Russia control over the eastern coast of Black sea bordering Caucus Mts. and Moldavia and Wallachia- Treaty of Adrianople (1829). This war allowed Greece to get independence from Turkey. Nicholas and Russia gained the nickname of the gendarme of Europe- policeman that intervened. (used as a threat more than reality). In 1830, there were widespread revolts by Belgium, France, I taly, and even Poland (who were not happy with rumors that the Polish army would have to back up the Russian gendarme claim). In 1831, Poland was declared independent with its king, Nicholas dethroned. Even though Russian eventually defeated Poland in the war, it took almost a year for this to happen. The suppression of this revolt has a huge impact on Russian internal policy....
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Diplomacyundernicholas - Diplomacy, Imperial, and...

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