Intelligentsia and the Great reforms

Intelligentsia and the Great reforms - Intelligentsia and...

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Intelligentsia and the Great reforms - After emancipation, the peasants weren’t happy so the intellects supported their cause, particularly because of the participation that was fostered under Alexander II. Unlike the Decembrists movement, the intellects wanted to involve the peasants in the revolution. This is called populism - people are at the center of ideology. Populism coincides with Turgenev’s generation of the children. The new generation are different from the old for three reasons: (1) They as much focused on action as on ideas (rather than their predecessors who merely discussed). The new generation is also more idealistic. (2) They are also more materialistic (interest in science, reject social convention which makes them nihilists ). (3) Socially the new generation is more involved. Furthermore the nobility is no longer the only superior group as raznochintsy - (various levels) which results in more people getting educated such as clergy ( popovichi - sons of priests) - These people founded a Sunday school movement directed to infiltrate the peasant community to increase literacy. - After that, an organization called Land and Liberty, to highlight the lack of serf freedom from landlords and the commune. - One of the young radicals Petr Zaichnevskii writes a pamphlet called “Young Russia” in 1862 to portray the poor social and political conditions. - Ivan Turgenev wrote Fathers and Children in 1862 to highlight nihilism, although some radicals consider that this supported their causes and were inspired. - One of the most influential books was written in 1863 by Nikolai Chernyshevskii (son of a priest who becomes a nihilist) titled, “What Is To Be Done?” This novel created youth cult figures out of radicals. It’s a utopian novel in the present and futuristic sense (what young people should be doing now and later) The government is not far behind these people (They were quick to crack down on Kazan University students after the Bezdna massacre). Hence they are almost paranoid to student
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Intelligentsia and the Great reforms - Intelligentsia and...

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