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GEOL 100: Physical Geology - Spring 2010 Mon/Wed/Fri 1:00-1:50pm, James M. Patterson Building (JMP) room 3201 Instructor: Tracey Centorbi Office: GEOL 4106 Phone: 301-405-6965 Email: Office hours: Wednesdays 2:00-3:00pm or by appointment Class website: Text : Essentials of Geology 3 rd Edition , by Stephen Marshak ISBN: 0-39-393238-9 Course Description and Objectives: Humans are intimately connected with the physical environment, even though we have only been present for a tiny portion of the vast history of the Earth. We strive to understand how the Earth has evolved since its formation over 4 billion years ago and what types of processes have contributed to these changes. Our knowledge of the Earth is critical, not only for piecing together its history, but also to understanding issues relevant to our present-day lives, including: availability of natural resources, pollution, climate change, and natural hazards. This course is a general survey of the rocks and minerals composing the earth, its surface features and the agents that form them, and the dynamic forces of plate tectonics. GEOL 100 is an introductory course without college prerequisites, however it is expected that students will possess the standard knowledge expected of a high school graduate, including proficient comprehension of written and spoken English, basic algebra and chemistry, and general knowledge of world geography. Please note that this course fulfills a CORE Physical Science Course requirement ONLY when taken concurrently with GEOL 110 (Physical Geology Lab). The GEOL 110 laboratory course is graded separately from the lecture on attendance, exercises, and exams with policies and procedures being determined by your Teaching Assistant. Class Policies:
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Geol100_syllabus_fall10 - GEOL 100: Physical Geology -...

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