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36. Union and Addition Symbols ( U , upside down U = addition) - 37. Boolean Expressions- Boolean values can only be true or false expressions that contain =, <, >, etc. AND- connect two conditions, if any part is false, whole statement is false OR- connects two conditions, if either one of the two is true, whole statement is true NOT- used to distinguish between certain conditions Ex) Landuse Not Urban 38. Napolean flow map (showed everything except for diminishing food stuffs) 39. Mesopotamia = oldest known map- Babylonian Map from 6 Th Century B.C 40. Geodesy - science of making measurements of earth 41. Oblate Spheroid - shape of earth, rotationally symmetric ellipsoid having a polar axis shorter than the diameter of the equatorial circle whose plane bisects it 42. Lines: - Longtitude: All great circles that intersect at the polls - Latitude- only one great circle, equator, all others are small circles that run parallel 43. 0 Latitude = Prime meridian that runs through Greenwich, England
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