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Lecture Notes 2-23-09

Lecture Notes 2-23-09 - x-y coordinates • How to get the...

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MODIS Satellite is a medium resolution satellite; looks at broader than LANDSAT, 2330 km wide and 10 km high, each pixel is 500 meters, Visual Image Interpretation Concepts in Interpretation Definition o Image interpretation is the process of identifying objects or conditions in images and determining their meaning or significance. The interpreter’s task o To use scientific tools and methodology to arrive at objective findings. Spatial interpretation o Identifying geographical features using spatial characteristics of objects shown in images. Steps in Image Interpretation Analyze the cartographic information (Scale of image, pixel size, geographic bounds, etc) Examine the visual information (Arrangement, shape, etc) Elements of Image interpretation Cartographic information o x-y coordinates o Height/depth o Volume o Slope o Aspect Visual information o Size o Shape o Shadow o Tone/color texture o Pattern o Site/situation/association
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Unformatted text preview: x-y coordinates • How to get the coordinates of an object in a photograph: 1. Survey the object in the field 2. Register (rectify) the photo to a base map and then read the coordinates for the object in question Size • Measure the size of known objects in the photo to get the scale. • Use the scale to measure the size of unknown objects. Shape • The general outline of objects Shadow • Shadows can be used to determine the heights of features. Bench height/bench shadow = person height/person shadow Person height = person shadow* bench height/bench height Shadow Characteristics • Provide information on relative height. • Reveal geometric characteristics of some features. • Provide a means for interpreting topographic features. • Hide information about areas that are in the shadows. Tone • Spectral reflectance curve (spectral signature)....
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Lecture Notes 2-23-09 - x-y coordinates • How to get the...

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