Lecture Notes 3-04-09

Lecture Notes 3-04-09 - • Wildlife habitat management...

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40 question multiple choice - Test Wednesday Visual Image Interpretation (Continued) Texture The way that you see the texture depends on the resolution of photo. Pattern The spatial arrangement of objects in the landscape Natural o Drainage basin Man-made o Land systems Random systematic, circular, centripetal, oval, linear, radiating, rectangular, etc. Site/Situation/association Collateral Information General maps Political boundaries Property line cadastres Geodetic controls (more) No Photogemeny on Test Spectral Analysis Archaeology Archaeologist and historical geographers can sometimes identify features hidden for centuries o Soil marks o Snow marks Remote sensing is used for geological mapping. (plate shifting) Forestry Forest type maps – sometimes down to species level Appraisal of damage due to fire, insects, and disease Timber volume estimates
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Unformatted text preview: • Wildlife habitat management Urban Studies • Primary foci o Understanding the physical properties and processes o Monitoring/mapping urban…. Image Data Processing Definitions for Pre-Processing • Telemetry – the process by which measured quantities from a remote site are transmitted to a data collection point for recording and processing. o Shows that some particular voltage, time, and place • Radiance – a measure that describes the amount of light/EMR that is emitted/reflected/transmitted from a particular area, and falls within a give solid angle in a specified direction (units = W×m 2 ×sr-1 ) • Surface Reflectance – the ratio of reflected radiance to incident radiance (unitless) • Ephemeris – the tabulation of a satellite’s position at a given time. o Location of information received...
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Lecture Notes 3-04-09 - • Wildlife habitat management...

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