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SP09.midterm review

SP09.midterm review - Permutations o Events Unions...

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Economic Statistics Midterm Review Econ 321 Note: These are broad topics for review. Obviously, this list does not include every single thing that you need to know for the exam. You are responsible for knowing all about the items listed. The exam will (most likely) cover chapters 1-8. I will announce on Thursday, March 5 th if the exam will cover chapter 8 or not. - Types of data - Measures of location - Measures of variability - Bivariate statistics - Frequency distributions o Discrete variables o Continuous variables o Types of graphs o Stem-and-leaf display o Crosstabulations - Probability theory o Experiments Combinations
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Unformatted text preview: Permutations o Events Unions, intersections Joint probability Conditional probability o Random variables Discrete variables • Bernoulli • Binomial (and normal approximation) • Poisson • Hypergeometric Continuous variables • Uniform • Normal, Standard Normal • Exponential • t • χ 2 • F-Point estimation-Sampling distribution of x-Sampling distribution of p-Properties of point estimators-Interval estimation o Population mean σ known σ unknown o Population proportion-Choosing sample size o Sample mean o Sample proportion...
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  • Spring '08
  • Probability theory, Binomial distribution, Discrete Variables, Economic Statistics Econ, Crosstabulations Probability theory

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SP09.midterm review - Permutations o Events Unions...

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