1 - of urine cytology was 93.3 compared to 67.9 for NMP22(p...

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Unformatted text preview: of urine cytology was 93.3% compared to 67.9% for NMP22 (p , 0.02). The mean turnaround time for the 2 tests was 0.75 hour (range 0.5 -1.0) and 44 hours (range 36 - 72) for NMP22 and urine cytology respectively (p , 0.0001). Conclusion: The NMP22 qualitative test has a higher sensitivity compared to urine cytology in the detection of bladder can- cer, being higher in patients with newly diagnosed bladder cancer compared to those with recurrence. Because of the ease of testing and the rapid availability of reliable results, we recommend the incor- poration of urine NMP22 assay into the overall management of patients with blad- der cancer. UP-03.39 The XPC genotype might affect p53 alteration in muscle-invasive bladder cancer Sakano S , Matsumoto H, Kawai Y, Akao J, Eguchi S, Hara T, Nagao K, Ohmi C, Matsuyama H, Naito K Department of Urology, Yamaguchi Uni- versity School of Medicine, Ube, Japan Introduction: DNA repair enzymes play a vital role in protecting the genome from carcinogens. Some of these carcinogens cause mutations in the TP53 gene in blad- der cancer. Several single nucleotide poly- morphisms (SNPs) in DNA repair genes reportedly modulate the repair capacity. We therefore investigated the association between the functional SNPs in DNA re- pair genes, and p53 expression and allelic imbalance at 17p13.1 (TP53 locus) to clar- ify whether the SNPs affect p53 alteration in the development of muscle-invasive bladder cancer. Methods: The study group comprised of 50 Japanese patients with locally ad- vanced muscle-invasive bladder cancer. SNPs in XPC (Lys939Gln, A/C), XPD (Lys751Gln, A/C), XPG (Asp1104His, G/C), XRCC1 (Arg399Gln, G/A), and XRCC3 (Thr241Met, T/C) genes were genotyped using polymerase chain reac- tion-restriction fragment length polymor-...
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