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Samantha Schwartz September 17, 2007 English 101 Audience Analysis Jody Schwartz is my mother. She has the ability to be very overbearing and very overprotected. Growing up in a household where there was not much rein and much parental supervision, she has taken what she did not receive as a child and give that to her children. Born on Long Island, New York and growing up there all of her life she is somewhat controlling. She enjoys being in control of all situations, hence the reason why there was a controlled amount of television I was allowed to watch as a child. Even now that I am 250 miles away she still has a sense of control over me. Over the past three weeks she has called me more times than I can even think of, it is as if I never left. My mom being born in the beginning of June is a Gemini, while researching what astrology
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Unformatted text preview: says about Gemini’s some keywords that are said to describe them are talkative, mental adaptable and sociable. Some of these words I do think describe my mother’s personality, but some of them are completely the opposite. By saying that my mother is talkative and social is very true. You can go anywhere with her and there will be at least one person that she knows there and that will come up to her say hello. But adaptable is not a word that I would use to describe my mother. She loves to have a plan and love to be in charge. By controlling the amount of time I could watch television for shows her characteristic of loving to be in charge and be in control....
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