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Democracy - 3 Political Stability of Democratic Governments...

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Democracy 1. The democratic trend: a. Single legal system i. Equal justice under law b. decline of monarchy c. state no longer private property d. universal suffrage: i. adults al over, regardless of sex, gender are gaining more political rights e. term limits: i. keeps governments from becoming dictatorships f. right of commoners to oppose elite interests g. lower class is given equal rights as well 2. Causes of Democratic Trend a. Industrial technology: i. Requires more educated people, which leads to free public education b. mass political parties c. protestant reformation i. “All men are created equal” therefore we should be politically equal d. frontier societies: i. absence of feudalism, strong merchant class, populated by commoners, first industrial revolution, first in women’s suffrage
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Political Stability of Democratic Governments a. Higher standard of living b. Democratic ideology c. Loyal military d. Complexity of social life i. More things to do outside of the family unit 4. American Democracy a. Dominance of corporate money interest i. Huge contributions ii. Highly organized iii. Access to top officials b. special interest groups c. mass media does not educate d. registration policies i. to vote you have to register weeks in advance, which results in low voter turnout e. nonvoting i. presidential 50% ii. congressional 60% iii. local 75% 5. workday voting a. voting during a workday, rather than a holiday, people can not get away from work to vote...
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Democracy - 3 Political Stability of Democratic Governments...

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