Environmental Crisis

Environmental Crisis - b. Technology: burning fossil fuels...

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Environmental Crisis 1. Hunting-Gathering a. Relationship: live as part of environment b. Technology: Foraging c. Damage: Little 2. Horticultural: a. Relationship: use the environment; planting b. Technology: slash ad burn, small wooden and metal tools for gardening c. Damage: Little 3. Agrarian: a. Relationship: dominate environment b. Technology: intense farming, plows c. Damage: overused 4. Industrial: a. Relationship: kills environment
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Unformatted text preview: b. Technology: burning fossil fuels c. Damage: very massive depletion, and pollution of water, land and air 5. Commoner article thesis: a. Chief reasons for environmental change i. Returnable to non-returnable containers ii. From natural to synthetic iii. Soap to detergents iv. Railroads to trucks v. Wood and steel to plastic and aluminum vi....
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