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Feminism - 2 Women’s increased labor force participation...

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Feminism 1. Rise of Feminism: a. Two Great Feminist Movements i. Women gain the right to vote in 1920 ii. Women make economic gains 1. Equal pay for equal work 2. Achieve comparable work 3. Break through glass ceiling b. First Feminist Movement i. Unmarried women become secretaries for white collar corporations, this expanded the corporate sector of economy ii. As women began working along side men, they realized how they discriminated in treatment, pay, opportunity
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Women’s increased labor force participation a. Changes in technology b. Decline in Birth rate: i. Reversal of generational flow of wealth 1. Compulsory education a. Removes children from labor place b. Increases parental expense ii. decline of morality iii. alternatives to reitirement c. baby bottle d. Mass education: i. Ends myth of men being super intelligent...
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