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Globalization - c Telephones and internet connecting...

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Globalization A. Globalization is the spreading of a more interconnected society in all aspects of life worldwide B. Economic globalization a. Money: currencies more interdependent b. Production: a single product is often made in several nations c. Labor: markets are becoming increasingly global d. Trade: world trade is increasing faster then the world output C. Political Globalization: a. More political coordination (alliances, treaties, etc) b. Intergovernmental organizations c. International non-governmental organizations D. Social- Cultural Globalization: a. Moving towards a globally accepted culture and society b. Almost every country you can find a McDonalds, Walmart, etc
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Unformatted text preview: c. Telephones and internet connecting societies much faster. Worldwide communication international traveling very common E. People are not happy with Globalization a. Main reasons for protest: i. Profits and economy overrule importance of human welfare and environmental concerns ii. Undermines sovereignty of nations iii. Operates undemocratically iv. Makes poor nations poorer, forced to globalize and industrialize v. Global inequality increasing F. Cautions of Globalization a. Life expectancy increasing b. Starvation c. Misery d. Free production zones; low wages and dangerous working conditions e. Local culture...
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