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Ideology Ideology is: - Beliefs - Values - Norms - Information people use to interpret experience change in ideologies change from society to society as new subsistence technologies are found. A. Hunting and Gathering: a. Animism- no conception of gods B. Horticultural Society: a. Theocracy: rule by priesthood i. Believed in many gods C. Agrarian Soceity: a. Monotheistic: one god D. Industrial Society: a. Secularism E. Reality makes us change our ideologies: a. Astronomy: always thought that the geocentric model (earth centered) was
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Unformatted text preview: correct, until refuted by Galileo (heliocentric: sun centered universe) b. Geography: always thought that the Earth was flat, until Christopher Columbus traveled and found New World. c. Biology: Evolution; Charles Darwin d. Religion: protestant reformation What changes in ideologies came with the industrial revolution? 1. increased importance on collective decisions 2. decline in theistic religions 3. rise of secular ideologies...
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