Industrialization in Europe

Industrialization in Europe - o Germs: eliminated 95% of...

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Industrialization in Europe: - Accumulation of information during agrarian era - Conquest and plunder of New World Most technologically advanced societies are usually most dominant Since more technologically advanced societies has eliminated societies with less technology Elimination of societies led to changes in world system of societies - Immediate causes of European discovery in the New World o Maritime technology- ocean-going ships o Military technology- steel weapons and armor o Horses- rapid movement of men and supplies o Social technology- writing and mechanical printing/centralized bureaucratic polity
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Unformatted text preview: o Germs: eliminated 95% of indigenous people o Ideology: Christianity, amassing wealth, bringing coverts to God Both the new world and Europe were changed:-In Europe: o Increased wealth o Caused inflation o Increased economy o Increased economic activity o Basis of inequality changed from land to money o Shifted center of trade from Middle East to European-In America o Eliminated thousands of societies o Depopulated surviving societies o Changed culture of surviving societies o Changed racial composition o Trans-Atlantic slave trade o Massive immigration...
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