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1. Stratification is the unequal, intergenerational, institutionalized distribution of: a. Wealth b. Power c. Prestige - Gender Equality o Necessary Condition: women must be economically interdependent with men o Sufficient Condition: Women must exercise control over the distribution of economic surplus beyond the family - 3 Principles of Gender Stratifiction o Within the family, people who produce material goods have more power and prestige o Women’s work must be compatible with childbearing and breast feeding o In any society, people who control the distribution of valued goods, beyond the family have more power and prestige
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Unformatted text preview: -The Beginning of Gender Inequality o Hunting and Gathering society Absence of polity Absence of Warfare Equal Contributions Gender Equality -The Rise of Gender Inequality o Horticultural Society Women continued to produce goods Male dominated polity emerges Monopolize surplus for warfare-The Peak of Gender Inequality o Agrarian Society Field farming Heavy plows and draft animals Large fields in the hot sun All of these factors made incompatible with women. The mode of reproduction is incompatible with this....
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