PEOPLE - PEOPLE: William Shakespeare-English...

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PEOPLE: William Shakespeare- English writer-“greatest of all time” The Tempest Aimé Cesairé - French passionate about civic and social engagement A Tempest Lorraine Hansberry- A Raisin in the Sun- first successful Broadway black playwright, brought large #’s of black audiences to broadway, introduced the idea of the African diaspora to mainstream audiences Luis Valdez - father of Chicano Theatre-No Saco Nada de La Escuela Velina Hasu Houston - first anthology of plays written by Asian American women- Tea Henrik Ibsen- father of modern drama, realistic drama-A Dolls House Maria Irene Fornes- Hispanic American theatre/experimentalism- Fefu and Her Friends Stephen Sondheim- musical theatre- A Dolls House John Leguizamo- the man in entertainment-Freak Dawn Akemi Saito- Asian American theatre-HA T.D. Rice- blackface comedian-“Jump Jim Crow” Edwin Christy -blackface group Christy’s Minstrel Bert Williams- first African American in lead role on Broadway Ira Aldridge -black actor made it big in England, black actor in the Black Grove Theatre-
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PEOPLE - PEOPLE: William Shakespeare-English...

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