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THEATRE COMPANIES/ SIGNIFICANT GROUPS: The African Theatre - acting troupe in NYC est. William Brown acted Shakespeare and anti slave, discovered Ira Aldridge, 1821 BART/S - Black Arts Repertory Theatre and School-1964- took culture directly from Africa and used it in African American theatrical works, so took spirituality African dance and used in work El Teatro Campesino - cultural arm of United Farm Workers, 1964, - cultural wing of the United Farm Workers Union- created a space for in California for Latin actors, cultural wing of the United Farm Workers Union- permanent theatre space in San Juan, CA performances drew from commedia dell’arte and Brecht, Spanish religious dramas, mid 19 th century Mexican- American performances Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre -performs Hispanic/Latino plays in NYC, 1967, latino voices to mainstream theatre. BILLINGUAL THEATRE, by Miriam colon Valle- significant for bringing Latino voices to mainstream theatre- bring theatre to economically disadvantaged youth, impetus for creating a bilingual theatre movement in
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