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THEATRE MOVEMENTS/GENRES: -Elizabethan Theatre - Shakespeare/ between Romantic and closure of theatres- private playhouses (BANNED so they made public theatre)- all men performed parts- shows done mid-day (12-24 plays ready) 16 th century Black Arts Movement- led by Baraka the name says it all, minstrel shows, blackface black face minstrel shows (1830-1950)- white actors turned their faces black to stereotype blacks, minstrel show format- created by Edwin Christy- perpetuated stereotypes, African Grove Theatre- performed mostly European/ classical plays Pre-civil rights act- many play’s written b/c of Harlem Renaissance Post-civil rights act- anti-climatic play structure, dance, spirituality/ritualism, music and folklore -Neoclassicism- distinct arts movement (Western Art/culture) empahisized by ancient greek and roman theatre and arts 1700-1800 Romanticism- 18 th century revolt against that sought to free the artists from rules Melodrama - theatre in which music is used to increase emotional response,
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