Spring 08 THEATRE 110 Syllabus

Spring 08 THEATRE 110 Syllabus - THEATRE 110 INTRODUCTION...

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THEATRE 110: INTRODUCTION TO THE THEATRE Professor: Chrystyna Dail Office: 2822 CSPAC Email: dailcm@ umd.edu Office Hours: Mon. 12:00 – 2:00 Class Objective: Welcome! This course is an introduction to Theatre and Performance focusing primarily on Western Theatre. The content, which is broken down into sections, focuses on major components of theatre, European theatrical history and influences, and current United States performances including the American Musical, marginalized cultures in U.S. theatre, solo performance and performance art. This class encourages student discussion and appreciation of live performance in today’s society. Textbooks, Readings, and Productions Required: Theatre: The Lively Art by Edwin Wilson and Alvin Goldfarb, Sixth Edition and A Tempest by Aime Cesaire, Translated by Richard Miller. ►Readings from various texts found online or placed on e-reserve ( password: thet110dai ). ►Films of performances placed on reserve in Hornbake Library ►You must purchase a ticket for the UMD Theatre Department production of The Ash Girl and attend one other UMD performance. Your options for the second performance are listed at the end of the syllabus. Where to find the non-textbook plays : 1) Trifles by Susan Glaspell is available on North American Theatre Online through Research Port 2) Dutchman by Amiri Baraka is available on North American Theatre Online through Research Port 2) The Love Suicides at Sonezaki by Chikamatsu is on e-reserve. 3) Lysistrata by Aristophanes is online at http://drama.eserver.org/plays/classical/aristophanes/lysistrata.txt 4) The Tempest by William Shakespeare is online at http://shakespeare.mit.edu/tempest/full.html 5) Tea by Velina Hasu Houston is available on North American Theatre Online through Research Port 6) A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen is online at http://www.gutenberg.org/dirs/etext01/dlshs11h.htm 7) Jet of Blood by Antonin Artaud is on e-reserve 8) No Saco Nada de la Escuela by Luis Valdez is available on North American Theatre Online 9) Fefu and Her Friends by Maria Irene Fornes is available through Research Port 10) Excerpts from Freak and HA are available on e-reserve. You will be graded on the following: ►One critical review of UMD Department of Theatre production (50 points) ►One design review of a CSPAC performance (30 points) ►One group performance project (100 points) ►Two exams on lectures, readings, and required live performance. The second exam occurs during finals week and is not cumulative. (100 points each = 200 points) ►Eleven quizzes in discussion, the lowest score is dropped (10 points each = 100 points) ►Two “Pop” quizzes in lecture (10 points each = 20 points) ►Participation (100 points) Grading System: There is a possibility of 600 points 600 – 540 = A 539 – 480 = B 479 – 420 = C 419 – 360 = D 359 – 0 = F 1
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MAJOR ASSIGNMENTS: All written assignments must by typed using twelve point Times New Roman font and double-spaced. Emailed assignments are not accepted. A note about writing assignments:
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Spring 08 THEATRE 110 Syllabus - THEATRE 110 INTRODUCTION...

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