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Exam 1 review People Aristotle- does not include the performers or the audience. Part of the golden age of Greece. Six elements of drama: plot (arrangement of dramatic incidents), character (people represented in the play), thought or theme (ideas explored), language (dialogue and poetry), music, and spectacle (scenery and other visual elements). Aristophanes - author of Lysistrata- old comedy, lampooned those in power Amiri Baraka- author of the Dutchman, creator of the black arts movement Antonin Artaud- Theatre of cruelty, theatre is the only way to save society. The Theatre and Its Double also wrote Jet of Blood Julian Beck- The living Theatre- challenged traditional dramatic structures, spare technical aspects, inspired much of avant- garde theatre that followed Sophacles- most highly honored Greek tragedian, incorporated the idea of the third actor, reduced the chorus size to 15, wrote about drama between humans (everyday people not just Gods), author of Oedipus the King Menander- new comedy 317 B.C.-> mistaken identity, romance, everyday characters Susan Glaspell- author of Trifles Bertolt Brecht- theorized epic theatre-> spectator should not emphasize with the play theatre has a responsibility to society and a responsibility to itself R.G. Davis- San Francisco mime troupe-> circus, vaudeville, and commedia dell’arte, perform in parks and non- traditional spaces, overtly political 1965 Aeschyulus - changed dithyramb to 3 tragedies and a satyr -> added the antagonist, props and scenery circa 5 th century B.C. Thespis- first actor-> started dialogue with chorus Timberlake Wertenbaker- playwright, The Ash Girl Helene Weigel- wife of Brecht, led the Berliner Ensemble, actress and director Peter Schumann- Bread and Puppet theatre-> engage question son war, environment, spirituality and capitalism -> people live in commune in Vermont Euripides- 1 st political playwright, everyday people, reality of war, criticizes religion, sensitive tow omen, slaves and elderly, heretic. Wrote Trojan Women- 1 st anti-war tragedy Chikamatsu - Wrote The Love Suicides at Sonezaki Stanislavsky- founder of the most taught acting technique in the U.S. -> The Magic If, playing the given circumstances, psychophysical action, emotional recall Judith Malina- The Living Theatre, challenged traditional dramatic structures, spare technical aspects, inspired much of avant-garde theatre that followed Ellen Stewart- La Mama E.T.C.- home of the young independent artists of the 60s, new and culturally diverse work Terms Playwright- the author of the play who provides written stage directions and dialogue spoken by characters that cuminates into a story, incident, or event in theatrical form. Often take ideas from pre-existing stories, observed incidence, news clipping, visual
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thet exam 1 review-2 - Thet110 Exam 1 review People...

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