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Classical Tropes What is a trope A common theme repeated again and again in plays and musicals A familiar pattern or plot device A style, symbol, or character that comes up repeatedly in a particular genre. Trope can be revealed through Characters Plot Setting Shakespeare’s Tropes Shakespeare’s work has been a major influence on fiction for over 400 years His plays influenced and inspired other plays, as well as musicals, television shows, films, and novels Shakespeare originated so many trope that we could spend several Trope # 1 Star crossed lovers Originated by: Romeo and Juliet Trope # 2 Long Los twin Originated by: The comedy of errors, twelfth night
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Unformatted text preview: ← Trope # 3 • The love Square (or Hexagon, or Other Complicated Shape…) • Originated by: A midsummer Night’s Dream Why are tropes a good thing? • Tropes make it easy for an audience to relate to a story because we are conditioned to recognize and expect them. • Classical tropes are “safe”, and this familiarity can be a big box office draw. ← Why are tropes a bad thing? • Some critics view the use of classical tropes as lacking in creativity • Classical tropes like these can be interpreted as the only ”good” or “right” way to tell a story....
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