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COMM107 Group Project

COMM107 Group Project - Samantha Kaitlin Melissa Andrew...

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Samantha, Kaitlin, Melissa, Andrew, Ryan COMM107 (3601)- Marketing Group Essay Product managers have two main responsibilities: product planning, and product marketing. To be a successful product manager, one must master both of those aspects. Jobs in product management are both strategic and tactical. Strategically, a product manager must assess the competition and put out a product based on field. Tactically, they have to bring new products to the market and promote the product externally with press, customers, and partners. With all of these responsibilities, it’s clear to see that a product manager has an integral role in the business, and consumer world. Product managers have a lot of control as to what we buy as a consumer. When studying to become a product manager, one must major in marketing and complete courses in advertisement, management, and economics. They must have a diverse understanding of the demand and supply of goods, and appropriately apply that knowledge to real-life. Product management professionals are responsible for managing and strengthening brands. If a product manager is successful, the business becomes successful because so much of the business is dependent on how he or she performs. The demand for product managers is always strong due to the importance of the job. Even given the current economic status, product managers are needed. Perhaps the importance of product managers even increases because it becomes that much harder to sell your product in a recession. Product managers are the ones who need to figure out how to do it. Product managers do so much, but people rarely give them the credit they deserve. There is a lot that goes into each product they promote to sell. The career of a project manager is one in which a professional is responsible for the marketing and development of goods and services such as cars, houses, and electronics. The product manager must contain both strategic and tactical attributes. Strategic skills are needed to compliment the responsibility for “positioning a product, assessing the competition, and thinking
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about the future” (Careers-in-Marketing.com). Tactical skills are needed to analyze what customers want and how to get it to them. The product management career is seen as an end all, be all of marketing professions, where the product manager controls everything about the product. They manage everything about a product, from the beginning and the thought or idea in which it was based upon, all the way up to when the product is touched by the customer. It is the ultimate power position for a marketing professional. With this position one must have communication and analytical skills. Often times, with multimillion-dollar industries, product
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