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COLUMN OF MARCUS AURELIUS: Chronology: - Because the original dedicatory inscription has been destroyed, it is not known whether it was built during the emperor’s lifetime or after his death in 180 AD - An inscription does show that the column was compelted by 193 AD Location: - Column stood on the north part of the Campus Martius, in the center of a square - Square was located between the temple of Hadrian and temple of Marcus Aurelius - Piazza Colonna (off via del Corso) Function: - Serves a centerpiece to the piazza Historical/Cultural Significance: - Commemorates emperor Marcus Aurelius' military campaigns against Germanic tribes and the Sarmatians, nomadic tribes who lived near the Black Sea. Architectural Style: - 30 meters high - Formed of 28 blocks of carrara marble. - It is put on a large rectangular pedestal - at the time almost 4 meters high - Inside the column, there is a spiral staircase that leads to a platform at the top where a statue of Marcus Aurelius and his wife Faustina used to stand - This statue was replaced by a statue of St. Paul (the original has disappeared)
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