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Definition Assignment

Definition Assignment - Samantha Schwartz English 394...

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Samantha Schwartz English 394 10/18/10 Definition Assignment – FILIBUSTER Audience #1 : A group of 8 th grade students, of mixed genders, who are in a history class learning about the United States Government. One of the students emailed the professor unsure of what the term filibuster means. Audience #2: A family science major taking GVPT100 at the University of Maryland. She is unsure what the term means and what it is used for in the government setting. There is a test next class and the term will be on it. Dear Student, You have recently come to me in confusion over the term “filibuster.” A filibuster is an action that is taken by a member of a legislative assembly, such as the Senate, in order to delay or prevent a decision that they do not agree with. A commonly used action is giving extremely long speeches. An example is seen in an episode of The West Wing television series. The Senate Majority Leader goes before all of congress while a bill is supposed to be getting passed. He stands there for hours and hours reading a cookbook in order to
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