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Origins of Agriculture A. Foragers (wandered around hunted animals)/Hunters gatherers- hunting animals B. Family in one place a. Sustain yourself from year to year with seeds- 8-10,000 years ago Early Agriculture A. Varilor- 1915-1936: where a plant was first domesticated, where the genetic variability is the greatest a. Centers of origin Domesticated plants today A. Artificially selected to suit human seeds a. Genetic base Agriculture Statistic Today A. 3% of the land of planet used for growing food B. US Statistics a. 1,310 million acres of farmland (16%) b. Major crops, corn, wheat, soybean, hay c. Increases in yield since 1950 i. Corn- 270% ii. Wheat- 100-150% iii. Soybean- 100-150% d. US has 22% of worlds land, grows 47% of worlds crops e. US- 5 million farmers- CHINA 800 million garmers Calories Iron- Hemoglobin (red color in blood): all cells body gets 02 (a protein) Vitamin A + Rhodopsin- rision +retnel collagen Visual pigment- retinal Grasses, Legumes and Starchy Staples Grasses, wheat, corn, rice, barley = ½ calories A. The single most important food group…25% B. Plant Characteristic a. Inplorescence- cluster of flowers b. Gain- embryo, endosperm, bran
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C. Wheat- Thriticum aestivum D. Corn or Maize- zea mays- m- top F E. Rice- Oryea Sativa F. Other grains- barley, rye, oats (molasses), sorghum, sugar cane (table sugar) G. Brewing H. Fibrous Root System a. Endosperm- starch, carbs (85% of weight) b. Embryo- 2-3% of weight, wheat germ, little fiber c. Brain- ovary wall, any outer covering remaining fiber, white bread has only ends Six Classes of Wheat and their Uses A. Hard Red Winter- Bread, rolls, BAKING B. Hard Red Spring- Highest protein milling flower C. Soft Red Winter- Cake, pastry D. Durum- Pasta E. Hard White- Newest, milder/sweeter, bread rolls and tortillas F. Soft Winter- Cakes, crackers, cookies, pastries, muffins
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test3outline - Origins of Agriculture A Foragers(wandered...

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