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Resource Review2 - Resource Review #2 Cawley, John,...

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Resource Review #2 Cawley, John, Meyerhoefer, Chad D. and Newhouse, David Locke, The Impact of State Physical Education Requirements on Youth Physical Activity and Overweight (June 2005). NBER Working Paper Series, Vol. w11411, pp.-, 2005. This paper explores the states requirements on Physical Education in order to see the impact that Physical Education programs have on student activity and weight. They performed a nation-wide data from 1999-2003 with the data they got from the state minimum Physical Education requirements from 1994-2000 in order to make any conclusions. They found that state regulations are effective and that a physical education course increases the number of days a week a student partakes in physical activity. Cooper, K.H. (1982). The aerobics program for total wellbeing. New York: Bantam Books. This details the different types of aerobics programs that are a positive influence for the total wellbeing of a person. It provides a complete program for total well-being, physically, nutritionally, emotionally. It also includes dozens of ways to stay fit, three weeks of nutritious menus, guidelines for the 22 components of a comprehensive medical exam, and more. Fisher, Carolyn, and Pete Hunt. “Building a Healthier Future Through School Programs.” . The information in the article is relevant to my topic of adding a Physical Education
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Resource Review2 - Resource Review #2 Cawley, John,...

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